Bumi Sehat

One of the charities Belle Luna supports is Bumi Sehat. This not for profit organisation was founded in 1995 to provide quality healthcare for pregnant women across Indonesia who wouldn't normally have access to it. 

What do they do?

There are three Bumi Sehat clinics within Indonesia, one of which is located in the village of Nyuh Kuning, just outside Ubud in Bali. The two other clinics are located in Aceh and Papua.

They also recently partnered with Wadah Foundation, another Indonesian charity, to open a clinic in the Philippines. This was in response to devastation caused by the 2013 super typhoon, Haiyan.

Why so important?

In a cruel irony, Bali's booming tourism industry has caused a drastic increase in the cost of living that the average Balinese family can't afford. They struggle to pay for necessities like food and education. As a result, basic healthcare services are simply beyond their reach and they are forced to do without.

A number of socioeconomic and other reasons, including natural disaster, have led Indonesia to something of a crisis. Maternal and infant mortality rates in many areas are frighteningly high.

The name "Bumi Sehat" translates to "Healthy Earth Mother" and they aim to heal the world, one baby at a time. Their mission statement, displayed proudly on their website, explains that they aim to care for 'the smallest residents on earth, babies at birth'. Why? To 'build peace, one mother, one child, one family at a time.

And we can't think of a more worthwhile cause than that.

What can you do?

Belle Luna donates a portion of the profit of selected items to this worthwhile charity. See product descriptions for more information. You can also learn more about this extraordinary charity and donate directly to Bumi Sehat on their website bumisehat.org.