Kirbys Calf Rescue

Belle Luna wholeheartedly supports Kirby's Calf Rescue. This beautiful farm is located in Queensland's iconic Glass House Mountains. Kirby works very hard, rescuing cows and calves from the dairy industry all over Southeast Queensland.

Kirby has saved over 300 cows and calves since she began operating in 2015. People are encouraged to adopt a cow as a pet. There is also the option to sponsor a cow to keep living with Kirby. People who sponsor a cow have special VIP visiting privileges. Who wouldn't want that.

Why so important?

In a safe and healthy environment (like a sanctuary farm for example) the life expectancy of a cow can be over twenty years. The life of a working dairy cow however, is surprisingly short. Dairy cows are considered 'spent' after about four years, and slaughtered.

In order to keep dairy cows in milk production, they are kept in a perpetual state of pregnancy by means of repeated artificial insemination. The calves produced by this process are considered 'waste' by the dairy industry and are slaughtered shortly after birth. The mother mourns each and every lost calf for weeks at a time, showing signs of great distress.

If you are anything like me then this whole situation seems, well, wrong.

Kirby's Calf Rescue rescues these 'waste' products from the dairy industry and gives them a happy, healthy life. You may not be aware of this, but cows are very social and intelligent creatures. At Kirby's they have plenty of company, food, shelter, and humans to care for them.

If you are interested in learning more I would recommend this YouTube video clip of a recent episode of Totally Wild featuring Kirby and the great work she does.

What can you do?

A portion of proceeds from selected Belle Luna products goes to Kirby's Calf Rescue. See product information for more details.

Aside from sponsoring or adopting a cow as a pet, you can also take part in regular open days and fund raising activities. My favourite is 'Yoga in the Paddock'. Find out more from Kirby's Facebook page. You can also donate directly via her gofundme page.