Our Story

Belle Luna was born out of a love of high quality silver and the desire to be able to donate much needed funds regularly to charities in need across Bali and Australia.

Belle Luna Charities

Some of the charities we support are:
Bumi Sehat - Bumi Sehat is an amazing natural birthing facility located near Ubud, Bali. They are a Not For Profit helping women in need across Bali to have a positive birthing experience who would otherwise not have access to any medical help.
Kerobokan Hope Project - Select pieces of our beautiful jewellery is being made behind the walls of Kerobokan jail by Si Yi Chen of the Bali 9, and fellow inmates. This project has been set up to allow prisoners the opportunity to learn a new skill to help rehabilitate them in to society once released. All proceeds from the sale of these pieces goes directly back in to the Kerobokan Hope Project.
Kirbys Calf Rescue - Kirbys Calf Rescue is doing just that. Rescuing calves who would otherwise be going to slaughter. They need all the funds they can get to continue doing their important work.
Please see the descriptions on our pieces for more charities we are working with.


All of the silver used to make Belle Luna’s beautiful jewellery is sourced environmentally responsibly, fairly traded and we only work with companies that adhere to strict ethical employment practices.
All our semi precious stones are also fairly traded and ethically sourced. Even our packaging is biodegradable and made from 100% plants!
You can buy anything from belle luna knowing you are not supporting unethical producers.